How do the two Valiant Ventum stove fans compare?

What is the difference between the Valiant Ventum 3 and its smaller brother the Ventum 2? Well, basically, it’s simply smaller, i.e. the difference can be easily spotted from first glance at the box. The bigger fan’s box dimensions are just 5% larger. Both fans are secured by an outer, and then an inner box, […]

Four SmartFan Stove Fan Models – Which Do I Need?

All dimensions of the Smartfan and the SmartFan Mini compared.

How do the four SmartFan stove fan models vary? The Dublin based company IQ Design specialises in inventing, designing and introducing plenty of fireplace accessories that are truly awesome in many aspects.  Take their stove fan, its design and idea is so different and spectacularly unique; it cannot be mistaken for any other model.  Their revolutionary […]