“Enjoying the stove fan in your living or working spaces”

definitely you are! The comfort of moderated warmth is all you need to keep the day cozy. But then you should remember, like most equipment working in temperature variation, maintenance checks come hand-in-hand with the satisfaction derived. This ‘check’ is usually an additional task that gets you out-a-bit from your comfort zone. But we got good news for you today. Stove thermometer is all what you need to replace the manual maintenance with the timely indicating thermometer and enjoy uninterrupted comfort.

In order to avoid damage to the TEG model due to extreme temperatures, it is necessary to use the stove thermometer. Apart from enabling uninterrupted comfortable hours of regulated warmth and maximum satisfaction from the wood burning/multi fuel stove, the stove thermometers are designed to protect and ensure safety of the TED model and the users of the stoves. The stove thermometers are designed with a gauge for best operation and control on over-firing so that you can get the most efficiency out of your fuel. They will attach magnetically to the stove top, pipe or tied on with wire provided

The stove thermometer helps maintain the correct running temperatures for wood burning. It should be fitted to the stove top or the flue pipe Stove thermometerabove the stove  and safe temperatures of 115 °C – 245°C (240°F – 475°F) should be observed to ensure safest and most economical utilization of your stove. When temperature on the flue pipe go beyond 245 °C (475°F) the stove may be damaged or fire ignited from accumulated tar plus too  much heat is lost in the chimney. On the other hand temperature below 115°C (240°F) lead to incomplete combustion hence smoking chimney, stove darken by tar forming a residue called Creosote  and therefore stove produces inefficient heat.

The Creosote is a residue that condenses from wood or coal particles, hydrocarbons, gases and other airborne debris. It is formed as gases cool, cool chimney temperatures and when air is not hot enough to push the particles out of the chimney. This residue is flammable and it sticks at the surface of the flue. It is usually thick and shiny, hardened black gooey substance. The cool temperatures on the Cool flue give rise to accumulation of creosote. This is because they flue is constructed using light weight sheet metal that enable the interior flue temperatures to be abnormally cool.

 Its therefore of utmost  importance to get yourself a stove thermometer to help you regulate the hot and cool temperatures in your stove fan so as to get the best results from your stove. The stove thermometers are ready available from your local stove dealer. It’s safer, more effective and efficient and you’ll experience total satisfaction guaranteed