Improve Safety Of Your Stove With A Wood Stove Thermometer

With a wood stove thermometer and its visual representation of the stove temperature you can safely assure yourself that the internal temperature is not in the danger level which could cause a fire in the chimney.

Safeguards Firebox condition.

Not only alerts you when the heat is too low but also shows when the stove is producing excess heat which can drastically shorten the life of the catalytic converters life and by being aware of this problem you can take immediate action to reduce the temperature. Also if the temperature is too low it will increase smoke production with the same effect on the combustor and increase it’s working life.

Stove Thermometer; Stove Best Operation

Reduce creosote buildup.

Gives you notification when the temperature is at such a low level that the stove is producing creosote,a very real fire hazard,because the temperature is so low that it causes the smoke to condense and therefore deposit the harmful product within the stove to cause future problem

Reduce fuel usage.

Because the wood stove thermometer will show the temperature within the stove it becomes easy to maximize efficient working which gives you greater control over fuel usage and should enable you to run at an optimum temperature when the stove is in use.It will,by ensuring the efficient working of the appliance,reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. So by owning and using a log burner thermometer correctly you can ensure that your stove,old or young achieves the maximum life span possible.

If your stove is burning at a greater temperature than is necessary, you will obviously be burning too much fuel unnecessarily which will not only increase fuel usage  but will also increase atmospheric pollution.

Minimizes cleaning regularity.

The temperature readings will obviously aid your efficient burning pattern of your appliance and this will obviously – because of the burning efficiency – result in less cleaning because there just won’t be the buildup of creosote which is the biggest problem caused by inefficient burning patterns.

The 4 main types of Wood Stove Thermometers


Obviously for use in Catalytic combustor stoves. They are generally stove specific so you need to research which model is best for your particular stove.

Flue gas probe

Similar in appearance to a kitchen meat probe and installed within the twin wall flue pipe and are only compatible with this type of stove.

Magnetic stove pipe

Only used on single wall stove flues and is usually attached by magnetic attraction to the flue normally eighteen inches above the surface to ensure a true reading is obtained in a very short period of time when the stove is initially ignited.

Stove top

By very definition of its name it is positioned on the upper surface of the appliance and normally retained in position by a magnetic base.

Of the vast range available some are model specific, some type specific and the others are universal in usage. It really is a matter of personal choice.

Installation Methods

First thing first, read the manual and any other installation instructions which come with the thermometer.

The installation method for Catalytic Thermometer is to drill a 1/4″ hole in the flue pipe 18″ above the stove top surface and ensure the probe tip is in the center of the flue pipe.

The double wall Flue gas probe thermometers are similar in that you need a 1/4″ diameter hole in the outer wall and then a 3/16″ diameter hole through the inside wall and ensure the probe tip is in the centre of the flue.

Magnetic stove pipe thermometer and stove top thermometer are obviously straightforward but be warned some manufacturers do suggest stove tops could be attached to the side and some magnetic flue manufacturers may have a different optimum height.

However great your experience with wood burners is a wood stove thermometer will give you a true reading which may be different from your perceived heat production but with a technical device attached to your stove it will definitely give a greater accurate indication of your unit’s performance.

It has never been easier to obtain a specifically designed temperature indicator for your stove. There are a huge number of manufacturers out there and some of the equipment available are very specifically designed for certain makes and models.

You just have to make sure you do you chose the best one.