Vulcan Stove Fan


  • No electricity needed
  • Uses Stirling engine technology
  • Quietly circulates warm air away from your stove
  • Zero Maintenance
  • No fragile electronics
  • 3 year comprehensive manufacturer warranty
  • Comes with the free eBook “The Log Book”


Vulcan Stove Fan: the Ultimate in Gyroscopic Technology

Of all the stove fan brands and models available, there’s one that definitely stands out. This stove fan is the only one out of all of them that has a totally different power source. Power to run the fan is generated from a miniscule Stirling Engine cycle power plant that draws its energy from the rising heat of the source it services. The power plant transforms heat into mechanical energy through a rapid heating-cooling process that expands and contracts air back and forth to initiate the fan’s operation.   A borosilicate glass cylinder of the Vulcan stove fan

The speed at which the fan operates is contingent on the relative temperature. As temperature increases, so does the speed of the fan and the volume of air circulated by it. The Vulcan stove fan can accommodate many different stove as heat sources. The fan eliminates the heavy heat congestion centered near the heat source and disperses that air around the room it’s in, and further into the rest of the house.

The little Stirling engine used in the fan is a superb piece of top-notch engineering that will certainly draw the attention of everyone who is even a little technically oriented, and many will be hypnotized by the beauty of its operation. The Vulcan fan employs the most current and up to date technology available.
This includes borosilicate, a glass cylinder, a graphite piston, and ultra-low friction demagnetized bearings. These innovations ensure reliable construction, performance, and long life.

The construction of the fan is conductive and durable due to the materials used. The lack of plastic bushings or any other fragile components in lieu of a complete application of metal and robust electric motor ensures that the device never overheats and remains maintenance-free at all times. In fact, the only assembly required by the user involves attaching a five-winged fan blade with a screwdriver. Different views of the Vulcan Stove Fan The Stirling engine used in the Vulcan stove fan is far more efficient than TEG modules used in other stove fans. Because of that, the fan is able to operate using a massive, five blade fan that rotates in excess of 400rpm at a maximum temperature of 450C. It’s no surprise that the fan far outranks its competition, circulating the air at a rate of 215CFM at the top range temperature.


It’s also relatively quiet – granted, not as quiet as the TEG based fans, but you’ll still need to listen carefully to hear the rhythm of its operation. Vulcan stove fan specs table This fan starts operating at 150C and can accommodate a temperature of up to 500C, however, it is not recommended to exceed 450C. There is a clear trend among stove fan manufacturers to build fans that can operate at very low temperatures like 60C, so they can be used on appliances that have a much lower surface temperature, like gas stoves. Unfortunately, the Vulcan stove fan cannot be used on stoves with a water jacket or twin-skinned designs, so check out your stove’s operating temperatures before you purchase a Vulcan to avoid disappointment. 

Customer Ratings:

More than three quarters of the pie depicts happy Vulcan fan owners. The vast majority of people who were disappointed with their purchase are owners of heating appliances that cannot achieve sufficient surface temperature to supply the energy requirements for the fan to function properly. In a small number of cases the stove fan has operated in some unintended way or was excessively noisy and was replaced or repaired free under warranty.

Additional information

Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions 18 × 28 × 28 cm
Gyroscopic Origins

Brightfusion Ltd, Gloucester, UK came into being in 1999 through as inspiration to develop a showcase for everything remotely related to the gyroscope. The website features a remarkably vast array of items: engines, turbines and ornithopters . . . Some of these items came from other countries. The key here is to make such merchandise available in high quantity, and the Internet provides the most beneficial way to achieve that end. Products range from the quirky to serious technological applications, so the customer base, which has grown over the last few years, is broad, diverse and spans worldwide. Several inquiries to the company by enthusiasts pertain to a particular item no longer made. Demand for it became so great that Brightfusion decided to reproduce it and put it back on the market. The result: stocks quickly sold out and do so to this day. That item is the Vulcan stove fan.