• Unique triple blade design
  • Produces less drag than a 4 blade fan but more thrust than a 2 blade
  • Ultra low 45°C starting temperature – perfect for early starting
  • Maximum air flow – blows up to 420 feet/minute
  • Thermally controlled actuator for optimum Peltier performance
  • Dynamically balanced fan for unrivalled motor life, balance & output


The Valiant Ventum III stove fan is the latest stove fan by Valiant.  Valiant is a company based in the UK with a stellar reputation in the stove fan market.  They began by introducing a small two-blade model, and slowly expanded their offering from there.  The Ventum III represents the culmination of literally years of excellent engineering and design (all done in the UK).

The Problem With Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are wonderful, and millions of people rely on them for home heating.  The only real problem they suffer is the fact that they do an excellent job of heating the area immediately around the stove, the rest of the room is notably cooler.  This is where stove fans come into play.  They help by moving the air about the room, evening out the temperature, and resulting in much greater efficiency in your wood stove and less fuel used.


The best part, however, is the fact that this line of stove fan manages to do all of that without relying on any external power source.  You read that correctly.  No batteries and no power cord needed.  You might be wondering how it works then, with no power source.  The answer is rather interesting.  It utilizes the heat from the stove itself to power the fan.  That’s right.  The same heat that the fan is designed to move around the room also provides the power that runs the fan.




Details About the Valiant Ventum III

The Ventum III is a tri-bladed fan.  The engineers at Valiant discovered that a tri-bladed fan produces less drag than a four-bladed one (but more thrust than their original two-blade design), which boosts its performance overall, and it shows.  The Ventum III is the best, most powerful fan they’ve ever made.  Here are the technical specifications at a glance:


  • Massive air circulation – the fan moves a mind boggling 420 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • Ultra low starting temperature of 45 degrees Celsius (maximum operating temperature of 320 degrees Celsius)
  • Dynamic balancing gives the fan unparalleled motor life, air circulation and motor life
  • Extremely low weight (only 535g!)
  • Small footprint and profile (199mm high, and 180mm wide)

Valiant ventum 3 packaging and the user manual

The fan is securely packaged along with a user manual in 6 languages.

Valiant ventum 3 peltier and the motor

The Peltier module is situated between the top and bottom sections of the fan.  The bottom section, which sits on the stove top, gets very hot whilst the top section remains significantly cooler.  The temperature difference is how the Peltier module generates electricity to power the fan.

Valiant ventum 3 ridged fins

To ensure a maximum temperature difference for the Peltier module the fan’s top section has ridged cooling fins, increasing their surface area.

Valiant ventum 3 front blades mounting screw

If the fan’s blades become damaged, or bent it can create a wobble effect and often increases the noise levels as it spins.  It can easily be replaced using a small Allen key.  Replacement blades can be purchased from our online store.

The valiant ventum 3 motor mounting

The Ventum 3 motor is securely mounted to prevent the wobble effect as the fan blade spins.  In the unlikely event of the motor failing the screws that secure it to the fan are easily accessed, so you can replace it yourself in a matter of minutes.

Bi-metal safety device of the valiant ventum 3

A bi-metallic strip is fitted to the bottom of the Ventum 3 works as an ingenious safety device to protect the Peltier module and motor from overheating.  At 250 centigrade the strip bends, tilting the fan off the stove top.

Pros & Cons

At the time of the writing of this review, the Ventum III was priced at 94.99 (pounds sterling).  That makes it fairly pricey as stove fans go, and may put it out of reach for some potential customers.  The other thing to keep in mind is this:  As we mentioned, this fan pushes an impressive 420 cubic feet of air per minute.  At that rate, this is much more stove fan than many people will wind up needing.  If you have a smaller space, then you’ll almost certainly be better off by getting a smaller, less robust stove fan.  The Valiant two-blade fan would be an excellent choice if this describes your situation.  If, however, you have an expansive space, say, either a single large room or if you’re leaving the doors open to the rest of your home and want to heat the whole thing, then the Ventum III may be the perfect stove fan for you.

You simply can’t go wrong with Valiant products.  The company takes great pride in their work, their engineering is top notch and the quality of their fans speaks for itself.  They offer an impressive two year warranty on their products as well, so even if you weren’t certain about the quality, that fact should put your mind at ease.  That, taken together with their world class customer service, makes the entire Valiant product line a safe bet.