Valiant Premium & Heat Resistant Gloves + Glass Scrub

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-Unique engineering, ultra compact & unrivalled 4 blade fan performance
– Elbow length, dexterous, protective gloves for tending the fireside or BBQ
– A deep cleaning active scrub for stubborn glass stains

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1 review for Valiant Premium & Heat Resistant Gloves + Glass Scrub

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Bought one of these Valiant Premium 4’s last year and was extremely impressed with it. just recently bought a second one to go on top of the log burner and that seems to be just as good, so no problems there. I would recommend these fans as they seem to work well, are balanced well enough that they remain silent and do a pretty good job of pushing the heat out into the room and beyond.

    the kevlar gloves are a nice addition to, although a little on the small side for me being only available in one size (size 9, probably could’ve done with a ten or eleven). That said, they seem to be perfectly capable of withstanding the kind of heat that comes from a log burner when loading more logs into the fiire.

    Finally, and the reason why I’m only giving four stars for this ‘combo’ and not five, is the Valiant active Glass scrub. Bought the Valiant Glass Cleaner in the spray bottle last time out and, although seemingly good stuff to use on the glass, the spray bottle stopped working early on and now only dribbles the content out. not brlliant.
    The plastic jar of glass scrub just purchased was just about impossible to open by unscrewing. it wouldn’t, so i had to pry the lid off with a great big screwdriver. as a jar with a screw top, it’s bloody useless. it seems from my experiences of Valiant cleaning products that the contents appear to do a good job but the containers used by valiant are pretty crap. shame really, as otherwise i would’ve given five stars.

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