Valiant Premium, 4-Blade Heat-Powered Fan

  • Compact design: only 199mm high to fit the tightest of spaces
  • Ultra low starting temperature – as low as 50°C – perfect for the latest cool-topped stoves
  • Unrivalled performance – pushing at a huge rate of 350 feet a minute
  • Thermally controlled actuator for optimum
  • Peltier performance
  • Dynamically balanced fan for unrivalled motor life, balance & output


The Valiant Premium Stove Fan

The Valiant Premium Stove Fan is the latest (and most deluxe) model of stove fan from Valiant.  The company has a long and sterling reputation for making top quality stove fans, and this product is no exception.  The Valiant Premium replaces the old Valiant 4-blade fan, which has been discontinued.



What It Is & What It Does

Stove fans are an ingenious invention designed to help solve the biggest problem that people who use wood stoves for home heating encounter.  The problem can best be summarized as heat concentration.  The area immediately around the stove gets extremely warm (downright hot in many cases) while the rest of the room is cool, chilly, or even cold.  This, of course, prompts wood stove users to burn more fuel in an attempt to warm the room.  That’s where the stove fan comes into play.

The Valiant PremiAIR packaging with the user manual

As with all Valiant stove fans, the Valiant Premium comes in well designed and secure packaging.  A summary of the key attributes of the fan is on the outside of the box and a more detailed manual, in four languages, is enclosed.  The Valiant Premium has a two year manufacturer’s warranty and we highly recommend you keep the packaging, just in case there is a problem with the fan whilst it is in warranty.

The fan blows the warm air away from the stove, helping it to circulate throughout the room, resulting in a more even room temperature.  The result is more efficient operation of your stove and less fuel burned. Now, the fuel savings would be eaten up in the additional costs of operating the fan if the fan used batteries or electricity in order to function, but it doesn’t.  It actually just uses the heat of the stove itself, so no external power source is required.  This innovation, more than anything else, is what takes the idea of the stove fan as a companion device from the level of simple curiosity to essential companion device.

The Valiant PremiAIR motor mounting is solid and robust

The motor is securely mounted directly on the fan’s body, which reduces wobbling, it is cleverly connected to the Peltier module so replacement of any part is a simple and easy process.

Unlike most stove fans, the Valiant Premium has an ultra-low startup temperature.  It activates at temperatures as low as 50 degrees Celsius (with a maximum operating temperature of 340 degrees Celsius).  Even better, it pushes air at the tremendous rate of 350 CFM (cubic feet per minute).  Best of all, it’s got an extremely low profile, and is significantly smaller than its predecessor, the Valiant 4-blade fan that it replaces.  This enables it to fit into low and very small openings, making it more useful and versatile (able to be used in conjunction with a wider variety of wood stoves). The newly designed fan is merely 20cm high, 18cm wide, and weighs a scant 0.55kg.  That might sound tiny (and it is), but you should know that this is NOT the smallest fan that Valiant makes, nor is it the fan that pushes the most air.  For that, you’ll want the Ventum III, which we cover in another article.

The Valiant PremiAIR motor mounting is easy accessable

Mechanical damage to the blades can happen if the fan falls.  This would cause wobbling and an increase in noise volume.  Fortunately, the fan blades can be easily released with an Allen key (not included) and replaced.

Valiant designs and engineers all their products in the UK, and guarantees their workmanship for two full years, so you can purchase the fan without worry that it’ll break or malfunction as soon as you get it out of the box. Note that this is the priciest fan that Valiant makes.  It’s air moving capabilities make it ideal for very large rooms, or for people who want to leave doors open in adjoining rooms to warm the entire house.  If you have a small space to move air in, this will probably be too much fan for you, and as such, is not recommended.  For users interested in stove fans who have only a smallish space to contend with are recommended to consider the Valiant 2-blade fan as a good option.

The Valint PremieAIR motor is hold by two solid and easy accessible screws.

Despite the four large blades, the Philips screws on the motor mounting can be accessed on the front of the fan.  The replacement of any interchangeable parts doesn’t require a great deal of knowledge and experience in such things and can be accomplished by using everyday tools.

Overall, given Valiant’s sterling reputation and world class customer service, the Valiant Premium stove fan is highly recommended, though again, unless you have a fairly large room to move the air around, it may well be the case that this is actually more fan than you need.  It’s a bit pricier than other models, but this is definitely a case of getting what you pay for.