Valiant Moisture Meter



  • Test your firewood is fully seasoned
  • Measure the moisture content of any wood
  • Burning fully seasoned wood generates more heat & reduces chimney deposits & environmental pollution
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Valiant Moisture Meter:
Preventing Property Damage and Unnecessary Fire 

Firewood might look the same but not all can burn safely and efficiently. The difference is found on the wood’s moisture content and not from its appearance. Why is it important to burn the right kind of wood? For one, burning wood with the right humidity can produce better fire, and yes, more heat. That alone should merit the use of the ideal firewood. A moisture meter is a handy device that can help you identify wood that have the correct moisture level.

Why use a wood moisture meter?

A moisture meter can help you stop guessing if the wood you are throwing to your stove can give you the fire you need. The truth is you do not have the luxury to rely on guesswork when burning wood inside your house. Wood with high moisture content can produce a lot of smoke that can damage your chimney. If you have a stainless chimney lining installed, the excessive tarring inside your chimney can devoid any guarantees you have in that lining installation.

An excessively smoky fire is not good for the environment and to your health. You can expect excess smoke to enter the room because of the low draw of the fire. A moisture meter also prevents the accumulation of corrosive acids in the chimney as a result of burning unseasoned wood. Unchecked tar build up inside the chimney can even cause chimney fire. Unless you want to expose your house to a potent fire hazard, it is best to use a moisture meter the next time you light up your stove.

Why use the Valiant wood moisture meter?

High quality meters like the Valiant moisture meter ensures accurate moisture reading at all times. Firewood must be stored in a dry, open place so that the wind and sun can “season” it for about a year or two before it can be used for the stove. But just to be sure, testing the wood first for moisture is a key step before setting it on fire. The Valiant meter has a large easy to read LCD display. It has temperature compensation so that every reading you take is accurate. The probes of the meter also react fast making the measuring process more efficient.

What are the other key features of the Valiant meter?

Perhaps the best reason why you should use a Valiant wood meter is that it has wood type selection feature. This allows you to accurately measure the relative humidity of the wood. Not all wood are the same. Each can have different electrical properties. Considering this small detail can have a huge difference in measuring wood moisture. Valiant also has auto power shut off feature and a low battery indicator. A moisture meter that is not getting enough power from its batteries can give inaccurate readings. You need to replace the batteries as soon as the battery indicator lights up.

The Valiant wood moisture meter has an accuracy that can be likened to a protimeter. In fact it can also be used to measure moisture content of timber used for building construction, even hardwood for flooring purposes.