The WarpFive Twinspeed Stove Fan

  • Small Stirling engine stove fan
  • Operates quietly – typically 12dB
  • Intriguing design for limited space
  • Dust cover, maintenance kit & spare belt included
  • Start-up temperature 110° C (230° F)
  • Circulates in excess of 322 CFM
  • Reduce stove fuel usage by up to 22%
  • Heat your room up to 40% faster


If you rely on a wood stove for home heating, then you’re probably already well aware of their one glaring limitation.  They tend to be extremely good at heating the area immediately around the stove itself, but the rest of the room tends to be significantly cooler.

A top quality stove fan, like the WarpFive Twinspeed can solve this problem for you by gently and quietly pushing warm air around the room your stove is located in, evening out the temperature in the room, increasing both the stove’s efficiency and effectiveness.

WarpFive makes a whole line of exquisitely engineered stove fans, and the Twinspeed sits at the top of their lineup.  Expertly engineered, the Twinspeed has everything you’re looking for in a stove fan.


What is the Height of the Warpfive Twinspeed? 

The unit is reasonably small in size, measuring 225mm (8.8 inches), with a base dimension of just 110mm (4.3 inches).  It’s extremely lightweight, weighing in at just 1.15kg (2.53 pounds).  The fan’s diameter is virtually identical to its overall height, measuring 220mm (8.6 inches).  The fan is engineered in such a way that it has an ultra-low startup temperature, and can start at just 120°C (248° F).

Don’t let the fan’s diminutive size fool you though.  This fan has some serious air moving capabilities, able to move an impressive 440 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)! 

A Closer Look

The fan is built powered by a Stirling engine, and requires no external power source.  You don’t have to plug it in, and there are no batteries to worry over.  The fan gets all the power that it needs from the heat of the stove itself, which is why it’s so good at improving operational efficiency.  The engine’s two-piston design, coupled with the four blades on the fan are what gives the Twinspeed its massive air moving capabilities.  At a temperature of just 240 degrees C (464 degrees F), the heat of the stove will provide a sufficient amount of power to move air more than five meters (16.4 feet) from the stove itself, making it ideal even for large, open spaces.

The fan is ultra-quiet thanks to the use of precision bearings and clear Borosilicate glass piston cylinders.  You can tell, just by looking at these fans, that a great deal of care went into their manufacture, and you would not be wrong.  Each fan is hand built and tested in Great Britain, and individually laser engraved with a unique serial number.

The operation of the fan is fascinating.  Watching the action of the pistons is absolutely mesmerizing.  In addition to being quiet and effective, they’re also works of art in their own right.  They’re stylish and elegant, and make an excellent addition to any home which uses a wood stove for home heating.

Cost-wise, the Twinspeed is not cheap.  It will set you back £390.00, making the fan more expensive than will neatly fit into some people’s budgets.  If that proves to be more money than you’re willing to spend on a stove fan, WarpFive makes a number of other excellent models, including:

The Bottom Line

WarpFive has an excellent reputation in the industry, and makes some of the best stove fans in the business.  They cost more than stove fans made by some other manufacturers, but this is very definitely a case where you get what you pay for.  The design is exquisite.  The engineering is second to none, and you won’t find a more beautiful or functional stove fan, anywhere.  The Twinspeed gets our highest possible rating, and when used properly, in the lower temperature settings it was optimized for, will provide you with years of faithful, reliable service, greatly improving the comfort of any home that uses wood stoves for home heating. The WarpFive Twinspeed stove is covered with lifetime guarantee!

The only real downside to this unit is price, but honestly, it’s worth your while to save a bit and get a truly exquisite model like this one, than to settle for a lower priced, less robust model that either won’t successfully move air around your living space, or isn’t as well-made and will wear out on you in just a few years’ time.


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