The Remarkable Remora Stove Fan from Valiant

  • Perfect for cool top, irregular surface, soapstone or angled top stoves
  • Suitable for all flue pipes with a magnetic attraction
  • Easy starting as low as 50 °C
  • Fits 99% of flue pipes
  • Comes with the free eBook “The Log Book”


The name Valiant is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and design. They have produced a range of stove fans that continuously out strip the market in sales and they are the brand leader in our online shop. Valiant are a British company nestled in the Hertfordshire countryside that have been manufacturing stove fans for almost a decade. The team at Valiant have seen just how popular wood /multi fuel burning stoves are becoming in the UK and Ireland and also realised they are being fitted in all manner of sites and situations – not just a traditional fireplace – and come in all manner of shapes and sizes. With this in mind Valiant have developed the Remora stove fan, the first stove fan that fits directly on to the flue.

The concept of stove fans is beginning to take a hold with the British and Irish public. They see the benefits of having the hot air circulated around the room and as such eliminate hot areas on the ceiling and cold spots around the room – not to mention a general coolness the further from the heat source you get. Using either a Peltier or Stirling engine the stove fan uses the heat from the stove itself to power the motor that drives the blades of the fan. The stove fan sits directly on the top of the stove to one side of the flue pipe. For stoves that are inset or you do not have a large gap above the stove, there are models of stove fans that can be fitted directly to the stove doors.

Choice. Design. Functionality. Can You Have It All?

As with all things there is an abundance of choice on the market for the style and size of your stove; this leads to design choices on where and how you have your stove installed. With these variables it has come to the attention of the design team at Valiant that not all stove situations lend themselves to the stove top fan, indeed not all stoves reach a viable heat to power the fan to an effective speed. The soapstone stove is such an example. The style of your stove fan is as much about the look of it on your stove and the aesthetics of the room as its effectiveness as a tool for heat distribution.

Remodeling their best selling Premium 4 stove top fan, Valiant have removed the base which stands on the stove top and replaced it with ‘magnetic wings’ that attach directly to most 4 – 7” (10-17 cm) flue pipes. It has an easy start motor that runs as low as 50°c so it will take no time at all to be up and running and distributing the heat through your living space. When the stove cools, the fan will gradually slow and come to a stop.

How is the Remora Remarkable?

As with all Valiant stove fans the Remora fan creates a good air flow without being overtly noisy and disrupting the activities of the room it is in. It has a durable satin black anodised finish and looks just as stylish as its predecessors and will complement any fireside interior design. The Remora is suitable for use with all flue pipes that have magnetic attraction. Out of the box the blades are separated from the fan to protect them in transportation. A tool is included and requires you to simply fasten the blades to the body. The Remora stove fan, including the blade, is 200mm high, 180mm wide and from blade to flue pipe 120mm deep. Weighing in at just 770g it is fairly lightweight too.

Attaching the Remora stove fan to your flue pipe couldn’t be easier. The fan has to be a minimum of 20 cm away from the stove top so the blades are clear when they spin. The magnetic wings fold back and when the fan is in the right place the wings are gently returned to position around the flue pipe and secured in place with magnets. When folding the wings back in place around your flue pipe, be careful to not let them snap in place as it could damage the magnets. These magnets are able to hold in place to well over 400°c, which is way above normal operating temperature with the max temperature of 320°c. The heat from your flue pipe will generate electricity that powers the motor of the fan.

Removing, or repositioning the Remora Stove Fan is just as easy. Make sure the fan is cold before you touch it, as it does heat up to a temperature that will cause a nasty burn, then unclip the wings and pivot the blades in an upward arc, away from the stove top and remove or reposition as desired.

Heat Gauge Checkpoint

We recommend using the SFR Stove Thermometer alongside the Remora stove fan. It has a clear line to indicate what is the best operational temperature for the stove and magnets, and will also indicate when it is reaching the maximum heat for the Peltier module inside. The SFR Stove Thermometer is also attached by magnet and will sit alongside your fan on the flue pipe.
Valiant have given us another winner to add alongside their already stellar stove fan collection. We feel the stylish design of the Remora will also be a hit with the consumer market as stove fans are included more and more into interior designs. Functionally the Remora is an ideal solution for soapstone; double sided and other stoves whose operational temperatures do not reach a sufficient heat to power the fan. Attaching to what is arguably the hottest part of any stove, the flue, it is also perfect if your stove doesn’t have the space for a fan to sit on top, or its design means there isn’t a flat or stable surface for the fan to rest on.


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