The Original Valiant 2-Blade,

  • Virtually silent operation 
  • Gently circulates heat throughout the room 
  • Maximises energy from the stove & reduces fuel consumption 
  • Operating range 100-340°C 
  • Attractive, durable design 
  • Satin black anodised blades


Valiant is a well-known brand of stove fans.  Since the company began producing their products, they have greatly expanded their line, but the Valiant 2-Blade fan was the first in the line that the company produced.

Advantages of Stove Fans In General

Stove fans are useful additions to wood burning stoves because they dramatically increase their efficiency and effectiveness.  If you own a wood burning stove and rely on it to meet your home heating needs, then you already know their biggest drawback.  You get plenty of warmth (verging on being downright hot!) in the immediate vicinity of the stove itself, and the rest of the room the stove is in tends to be significantly cooler.  The stove fan helps by gently circulating the air from around the stove and into the rest of the room.  In other words, the average temperature around the room enjoys a significant increase, due to the action of the fan, and it is this increase in average room temperature that decreases the amount of fuel you’ll burn in the stove.
If the fan required an external source of power (battery or electric) in order to run, it would probably more than offset the fuel savings, but this is the ingenious part of the fan’s design, and what makes it such a compelling addition to any wood burning stove. The fan requires absolutely no outside source of power.  Instead, it gets all the power it needs for operation from the heat of the stove itself.  That’s right, the same heat you’re relying on to keep you warm on those cold nights also powers the fan which helps to spread the heat more evenly throughout your room! When your stove heats up, the fan kicks on automatically.  It has an operating temperature range of 100 – 340 degrees Celsius, so before your stove gets hot, there’s simply not enough heat present to move the blades, and of course, when the fire dies and the temperature drops below the operating threshold, the fan automatically shuts off.

Valiant’s two-blade model can move up to 200 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) of air, which is fine for most single room applications, and if you leave the doors to adjoining rooms open, the fan will eventually warm them too.  Note that if you are attempting to warm a large area, however, you’ll probably want to use a fan that can move a greater volume of air per minute. In addition to requiring no external power to run, and increasing not only the fuel efficiency of your wood burning stove, but also the overall level of comfort in your home, the fan is amazingly quiet.  Unless you’re standing right next to it, you probably won’t even realize that it’s on!  This combination of features (quiet operation, no external power needed, and a dramatic increase in the overall efficiency of your stove), makes it hard not to like.  When you factor in its fairly modest price and the name and reputation of the company that makes it, it’s a good investment overall.






Potential Drawbacks

Really, the only significant drawback of the fan is that it only moves 200CFM of air.  That might not matter for some, but again, if you’re looking at moving air in a large, open room, or if you’re trying to find a way to warm adjoining rooms in your home, then this smallish, two-blade model probably won’t be up to the task.  This is the reason though, that Valiant wound up expanding their product line.  All that to say, if the two-blade model isn’t right for your specific needs, there are others (which we’ll cover elsewhere on the site) that would probably be a better fit.


All Valiant fans have one thing in common – they have excellent packaging and Valiant 2 Blade is no different. The box is designed to ensure maximum safety. The product comes with basic information about its performance and there is also a user manual, written in six different languages, to assist you during the installation process. The Valiant 2 Blade comes with a 2 year warranty, so it’s always a good idea to keep the box, in case your fan ever needs fixing or perhaps replacement.


The base of the Valiant 2 Blade is 75mm deep, but the overall depth of this fan is 120mm. This information might be useful, if your stove’s flat surface is in any way limited, so make sure to pay attention to that.


 Placed on the back of the fan are wires, along with a simple plug running from the Peltier module to the motor, allowing easy access, if some fixing or corrections need to be done.


 The top section is designed in a way that it provides the maximum temperature difference for the thermo-electric generator (TEG). Additionally, the top section fins are rigged in order to increase cooling.


 The Valiant 2 Blade is equipped with a steel handle that’s meant to ensure safe and easy lifting and protection from burns or injury. Safety should be the least of your concerns, since this fan is absolutely safe to use, as it never gets too hot, unless it breaks down and stops propelling air.


 It’s important to note that The Valiant may have only 2 blades, but they’re significantly bigger than those in models with 3 or 4 blades.