SmartFan Original

£125.00 £119.95

  • Silently circulates warm air around the home – up to 206cfm / 350cmh
  • Mainly for Wood Burning Stoves – Operating Temp: 65 – 330 C
  • Heats the living area faster & Reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%
  • Does not lose performance as stove warms – 2nd 'device cooling' fan
  • 1 Year Warranty + 2 Years upon registration

The SmartFan: The name says it all!

The SmartFan works on the basic principle that more electricity will be generated if the air that surrounds the fan is hotter at the bottom and colder at the top. This can pose a problem for conventional stove fans because the fan itself becomes warmer, and therefore it is not able to benefit from the colder air meaning that it will slow down. The SmartFan is different because it has a secondary fan at the rear. This keeps the temperature of the fan down, making it more efficient at circulating warmer air around the room and heating up your living space. The blade at the front is aerodynamically designed and is capable of moving air around the room at a rate of 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute).


There are many people who rely on wood stoves and fireplaces to heat their homes. They are an excellent, cost-effective method of providing home heating, but they come with one drawback. If you’ve ever used one yourself, you already know what that drawback is. The temperature is scorching hot in the immediate vicinity of the stove, and significantly cooler in the rest of the room. If you don’t mind pulling your chair up close to the stove to stay warm, or wrapping up in a blanket if you’re farther away, it works out, but there’s got to be a better way, right?

SmartFan Specs TableAs it turns out, there is. SmartFan technology greatly enhances both the efficiency and the effectiveness of your wood burning stove. It does this by gently and quietly circulating the hot air coming from the stove itself, into the rest of the room. The best part is, it does all of this without actually using any electricity.

This is possible thanks to a technology built into the fan called TEG, which stands for Thermo-Electric Generator Module. The fan gets all the power it needs to run from the heat of the stove itself. When the air temperature of the stove gets higher than 65 degrees Celsius, the fan automatically powers on. When the temperature drops below that threshold, the fan shuts off by itself. There’s nothing for you to do. Nothing to configure, attach, or plug in. It’s a beautifully designed, brilliantly engineered device that can turn your fireplace or wood stove into a hyper-efficient home heating solution.

For best results, you should place the fan to the right hand side on the top of your wood burning stove, facing toward the room. Because of its relatively quiet operation, you won’t feel a direct draught of air unless you’re standing quite close, but never fear, it will gently spread the warm air all around the room.

SmartFan stove fan packaging

The packaging is really high quality, since SmartFan comes in a solid carton box, equipped with a thick layer of foam, from all sides, which is another thing that guarantees the product you decide to purchase will remain intact. Needles to say, there is little to no movement allowed inside the box itself, which is a nice additional guarantee for all of our customers.

SmartFan stove fan bottom partSmartFan's Peltier powers two motorts








The SmartFan is built of light and anodized black aluminium – this is what guarantees longevity and top notch quality of the product itself. The bottom part of the SmartFan is meant to touch the hot stove appropriately and cover a large surface, which, in return, assures safe transmission of the hit to TEG (thermo electric generator) module that sits pressed between the lower heat sink and, of course, the upper cooling chamber.


SmartFan's cooling chamber


What increases the cooling process and makes it even more efficient is the fact that the upper part is rigged and the cooling chamber is additionally fitted with a quality miniature plastic fan that is capable of pushing even up to 20 cubic meters of air per minute at nearly 30 rounds per second. This is exactly what creates the ideal temperature difference for the TEG module to power two powerful and efficient 9 V DC motors.

SmartFan's main fan

On the other hand, it's important to note that the main front fan is made of high quality aluminium and it can produce up to 21.5 KPM. Which essentially means that, overall, SmartFan creates a staggering amount of circulation of up to 360 cubic meters of hot air around your room per one single hour.

You're probably wondering by now, what to do if you need to lift the fan away from the hot stove, for any reason? Well, since this is a practical, easy to use product, there is a solution for that too. All that you need to do is use the plastic handle provided, this will ensure that you avoid touching any of the two working fans.


The Pros

• The presence of the TEG means no electricity and no complex connections and hookups

• Well priced solution to enhance heating efficiency

• Attractively designed


The Cons

There actually aren’t any notable negatives to this device. There are only a very few customers who have used the device who have complaints, but their complaints tend to be non-specific (i.e.,, “it just didn’t work for us.”).

What Others Are Saying

A staggering 89.3% of purchasers give this product high marks (four to five stars), while only 10.6% of purchasers give it low marks (one or two stars). As mentioned above, the complaints about the device tend to be quite rare and non-specific in their nature.



What makes The SmartFan Original stove fan so special.

SmartFan stove fan is, in many ways, a product that has completely revolutionized the industry



Our Recommendation

It’s rare indeed to find a product that works well with no significant down sides, but that’s what the SmartFan represents. This product is highly recommended.

A couple of years ago IQ Design released a smaller version of the original SmartFan called SmartFan Mini. This product is about 30 mm shorter than it's predecessor, which makes it a suitable item for some of our customers. Both motors and the TEG module of SmartFan Mini are exactly the same, and work on the same principle, as the motors used to power the regular SmartFan, which means the mini version of this product is almost as effective as the regular version.

1 review for SmartFan Original

  1. I have a height restriction in height of 8 inches for a stove fan to be located. Would the smart fan mini be suitable on top of my wood burning stove, when you say they may be more suitable for a gas stove.

    • Hi Phil

          There are actually two kinds of “Mini” versions. The Smartfan MINI is the counterpart of the original SmartFan where all the features exept the airflow are retained, whereas  the SmartFan Mini with the  extension “LT” is just a smaller version of the SmartFan LT for gas stoves. To sum up the SmartFan Mini will be perfectly suited for your wood burning stove.

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