SmartFan MINI LT


  • Silently circulates warm air around the home – up to 100cfm / 170cmh
  • Heats the living area faster & Reduces fuel consumption by up to 11%
  • Does not lose performance as stove warms – 2nd ‘device cooling’ fan
  • 1 Year Warranty + 2 Years upon registration
  • Mainly for Soapstone & Gas Stoves – Operating Temp: 60 – 190 C

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SmartFan Mini LT Specs TableThis fan will work best on stoves that are capable of producing temperatures in the range of 65C to 180C, and that burn solid fuels. There are several feature that this fan has which enables it to move air around the room quickly and efficiently, with the top speed of air flow being 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute). This is enough to heat even large rooms comfortably. The aerodynamic design of the fan blades means that they are able to maintain the speed that is needed to keep warm air circulating. In order to keep working efficiently the top of the fan needs to be at a lower temperature than the bottom, and a secondary fan at the top of the device ensures that this is the case.

All dimensions of the Smartfan and the SmartFan Mini compared.

This fan is the smaller cousin of the SmartFan LT, and is a part of the SmartFan product line, which includes the SmartFan Original, the SmartFan Mini, and the SmartFan LT. Like its larger cousin, it was designed specifically for operation in lower temperature environments, with an operating temperature range that runs between 65 and 130 degrees Celsius.



  • Excellently priced, although do remember that there is a premium for miniaturization
  • Thermoelectric Generation Module means no batteries or external power source needed
  • Small footprint design means the fan can fit in tight places where there’s not much room
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent 1 year warranty or 2 year extended warranty, at purchaser’s option



There are no significant design flaws in the SmartFan LT Mini, and there have been no product recalls or anything of that sort.
What Others Are Saying

As you might imagine, this fan is designed for a fairly small, specific customer base, and because of that, there just aren’t very many reviews to be found for SmartFan LT Warningthe product. What few reviews there are, however, are positive. In preparing this review, I actually didn’t find anyone who had anything negative to say about this device. I don’t think it’s possible to give the SmartFan LT Mini a better, stronger endorsement than that.

Our Recommendation

I’ve actually not found a single negative review on this product. It’s not for everyone, because not everyone needs a small footprint fan that is designed to operate at low temperatures, but if this describes you, then this is the fan you want.