SmartFan LT


  • No external power source required;
  • Safe, silent and without running costs;
  • Effectively propels warm air into the living area;
  • Maximum temperature: 190°C;
  • Promotes efficient fuel consumption;
  • 1 year guarantee;
  • 2 years extended warranty.

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SmartFan LT Specs Table

The SmartFan LT uses the heat of the stove to produce electricity which turns the blades of the fan, producing an efficient way to circulate warm air around the room. The use of this fan will not require the use of any other power source, which can help to keep your fuel bills low. It is also a very clean method of heating a room and requires very little in the way of maintenance. This fan has been specifically designed to work on stoves that produce temperatures between 60C and 180C. This stove fan is particularly effective due the to the second fan, which keeps the top of the device cool, allowing the fan to work more efficiently. This fan has been designed to work best in stoves that do not reach high temperatures.

The SmartFan LT is a fantastic part of the SmartFan lineup, specifically designed to work in lower temperature environments. Constructed of sturdy aluminum. The TEG (Thermo-Electric Generator) is designed to function in a temperature band between 65 and 190 degrees Celsius.

For those unfamiliar with TEG technology, this is actually one of the most remarkable features of the SmartFan product line. Remarkable in that these fans require no batteries or external power source to function. They are designed to get the power for their operation from the heat of the stove they compliment. When the temperature rises above the minimum operation threshold, the fan automatically powers on. It automatically shuts down when the temperature falls below threshold.

The Smartfan Comparison GraphThe low temperature variants in the Smart Fan lineup are ideal for lower heat environments. For instance, a fan like this would be perfect as a range hood fan. Cooking temperatures above the range rarely exceed the fan’s operational threshold, and rather than slaving away over a hot stove, this fan can gently and quietly blow the hot air away from you and into the rest of the room. This actually provides a double bonus. The area immediately around the stove gets cooler, and the rest of the room gets the benefits of that nice, warm air and everyone in the room gets to enjoy a more even room temperature.



As with all of the fans in the SmartFan product line, this product is exquisitely engineered and fairly stylish in design, as fans go. Granted, we are talking about a fan here, so “style” is not something that is of utmost importance, but to the extent that it’s important, they are relatively attractively designed.

Well priced, and with a 1 year guarantee and a stunning three year warranty that far exceeds the industry standard of one year, there’s a lot to like about the SmartFan LT.

SmartFan LT Warning


This product has no significant design flaws, and there have been no product recalls or other issues that might detract from the company’s reputation for excellence.

What Others Are Saying

Customers who have actually purchased and used the fan give this product overwhelmingly high marks. The few negative reviews you’ll find on the product all seem to stem from the fact that some people purchased what they thought was the standard SmartFan, which is designed for operation in a higher temperature band, only to discover that they had actually purchased the low temperature variant. This then, isn’t actually a flaw in the product, but bears mentioning here, because you need to be sure, before purchasing this product, that you’re wanting/needing the LOW TEMPERATURE version of the SmartFan product line.

Our Recommendation

If you’re looking for a rugged, durable fan that is self-powering and operates in low temperature environments, there’s really no choice to make. This is the fan you’ve been searching for.