Smart Vent Cowl


The Smart Vent prevents foreign bodies entering the chimney and is designed to increase updraught and reduce downdraught. The closed upper surface of the terminal impedes the downward movement of wind which might otherwise create a down draught within the chimney. The curved shape of the four vertical walls behaves like an aerofoil which creates a negative pressure on the inner curved edge as wind passes over and through the Terminal. This action creates a suction to increase the upward chimney draught.

  • Promotes positive updraught;
  • Helps reduce downdraught;
  • Prevents foreign bodies from entering chimneys;
  • Fits most conventional chimney pots;
  • Durable Construction and Easy to Install;
  • Manufactured from 1.2mm thick high grade aluminium alloy – natural finish;
  • Suitable for use on solid fuel systems – logs, coal, peat;
  • Is not suitable for GAS.

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The Smart Vent chimney caps have been specially manufactured to keep all foreign elements, animals and objects off your chimney. Unlike other cowls, the Smart Vent has a straightforward installation process and keeps downdraughts away while providing consistent up draughts.

The Smart Vent Benefits

Chimney smoke normally goes up and out, but due to wind, clogging and other factors, this doesn’t always happen. Another problem can arise when it rains as leaks occur, and there’s also a strong possibility birds will make a nest there as they’re drawn by the heat.

All of this can spell problems when it comes to chimney maintenance, but with the Smart Vent it doesn’t have to be. What this cowl does is induce up draughts and minimize downdraughts, at the same time ensure no other foreign object gets inside.

Design Features and Advantages

The Smart Vent offers several advantages over other cowls, not the least of which is its design. The cowl fits most chimneys, and since it is made from 1.2 mm thick aluminum alloy, won’t break easily. Sporting a natural finish, the Smart Vent can be used with peat, coal and logs (but not gas).

A close look at the Smart Vent’s design will show why it’s very effective insofar as preventing downdraught is concerned. The terminal’s upper surface is closed, effectively preventing wind from moving down. This is an important feature and one of the main reasons why downdraughts are reduced.

Furthermore, the Smart Vent has four curved walls that help generate pressure on the edge as the wind comes in. It is this movement that produces the up draught and keeps smoke going up. The Smart Vent has also been specially designed so it can withstand high temperatures without getting damaged. And due to the way the Smart Vent handles foreign bodies, it is very low maintenance.


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