SMART TEMP – Infrared Thermometer


  • Celsius or Fahrenheit switchable
  • “Red spot” laser aiming
  • Temperature hold
  • Backlit LCD display
  • 20 seconds auto power off
  • Light weight and easy operation
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SmartTemp – Digital Infra Red Thermometer:
Safe Temperature Readings Made Fast and Easy

Wood burning inside the house is considered necessary by some people. Wood stoves are one of the most cost-efficient means to provide heating for a home. Part of safe firewood use is the ability to monitor temperature of the stove as often as possible. It might be time to put more firewood or regulate the flames by managing the stove’s air control. To do this more efficiently you will need a reliable stove thermometer that can quickly take temperature readings. There are however several safety concerns about taking readings and this is the reason why a non-contact thermometer can be quite handy. What are your options for safe stove temperature monitoring?


The laser thermometer – why it is more ideal?

A good way to monitor temperature from a safe distance is to use a laser thermometer. This type uses laser to target areas for temperature reading. This is not only safe but very convenient. Laser thermometers are accurate provided that it is used properly. The good thing about it is that you do not have to expose yourself to risks of being burnt when you measure your stove’s temperature. If you need to take a reading from your chimney flue pipe up in your roof you do not have to climb to take the readings. You just have to point and pull the trigger and you can have the numbers you need. It is easy and safe allowing you to measure temperature as often as you need to. A laser thermometer can also be used for many other applications such as locating insulation leaks in the house, identifying hot spots in mechanical and electrical devices, and monitoring materials that is in the process of heating or cooling, just to name a few.

Why use the SmartTemp – Digital Infrared Thermometer?

One of the best laser thermometers in the market today is the SmartTemp digital infra red thermometer. One of the key features of this device is that it has an easy to aim laser marker that should make targeting easier. Its temperature reading can be switched from Centigrade to Fahrenheit with a push of a button – no more confusion there. It also has a backlit LED display that should make reading easier even in a low light environment. It also has a 20 second auto shut off for battery conservation. It has a temperature hold function making temperature reading comparisons easier. The device is also very handy. It is lightweight and very easy to use.


How to properly use the SmartTemp infrared temperature?

Before using the unit, take note of these safety reminders. Be sure that the plastic casing it comes with is not damaged. When there are signs of damage, avoid using the unit. Never point the device to the eyes and to reflective surfaces like mirrors. Do not use the device on any explosive gases or in areas where there is excessive steam or dust. To prevent damage, keep the device away from hot objects and electromagnetic fields. Always allow the unit to adjust to ambient temperatures first before using. 

Remember that distance plays a key role in taking temperature readings using the laser thermometer. The smaller the area for reading, the closer the gun should be to the targeted area. The farther the gun is aimed from, the larger the target area should be. This is to ensure accurate temperature readings.

It is also important to keep in mind that different materials or surfaces have different emissivity properties. Painted, oxidized, and organic surfaces are ideal for the laser thermometer to function. However shiny objects and highly polished surfaces may significantly affect the temperature reading. In such cases, these surfaces must be painted or covered with a matte black masking tape to get a more accurate reading.

Care instructions for the SmartTemp thermometer

Taking care of the SmartTemp – Digital Infra Red Thermometer is easy. Compressed air must be used to remove particles in the device’s lens. Brush the remaining particles gently. The plastic case must be cleaned with a damp cloth and some mild soap. Never submerge the unit in water or use solvent to clean the lens. The device comes with a one year warranty but proper care and maintenance can extend its lifespan considerably.