Smart Draught


Smart Draught is a wind driven freely spinning terminal designed to increase updraught on difficult chimneys. Smart Draught is suitable for most conventional clay chimney pots with an 8 inch (200mm) internal and 9 inch (230mm) external diameter and is available in 4 finishes.

  • Universal fitting, Easy to install;
  • Full installation instructions included;
  • Made from Corrosion proof Stainless Steel;
  • Use on chimneys in downdraught situations;
  • Promote positive updraught;
  • Use on any buildings as a wind driven ventilation aid;
  • Include three Securing Brackets & Braces.

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The Smart Draught cowl is a durable, wind driven, spinning cap developed specifically for up draughts. Easy to install and with universal support, it’s available in four finishes and works best with chimney pots with a 9 inch external diameter and 8 inch internal.

Design and Features

The Smart Draught comes complete with detailed instructions so you can install it without the need for professional assistance, and thanks to fitting support, compatibility won’t be an issue. Once you have the cap installed you don’t have to worry about rainwater, leaks or pests making a mess out of your chimney.

The Smart Draught is made from heavy duty stainless steel, so it’s resistant to corrosion and doesn’t require extensive maintenance. If you have a problem with downdraught, you can install the Smart Draught and it will do the rest. Aside from being affordable, the cap is versatile enough to be used in different buildings and structures as a ventilation tool. Each Smart Draught also comes with three braces and brackets. Because all the features you need are included, you can set up the cap quickly.

Smart Draught Benefits and Advantages

The Smart Draught series undergo a strict manufacturing process and is designed to last. There is no lacking of chimney pots and caps, but what makes this more efficient than the rest is its durability and affordability. In addition, the Smart Draught is light so it’s not going to be a problem when it comes to installation.

Compared to other caps and pots, the Smart Draught was built with aerodynamics in mind, and the fact that stainless steel is used means you don’t have to worry about replacing cowls. Following the easy installation, you can configure this and go about your business while the Smart Draught ensures smoke is discarded properly.



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