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Smart Capping is easily secured to the top of a masonry chimney which is no longer to be used. It is designed so that a narrow gap is left between the cap and the top of the chimney pot or liner to enable trickle ventilation of the flue which is necessary to prevent residual moisture in the stack creating damp problems. The gap is sufficiently narrow to prevent the entry of bats and small birds.

  • Made from corrosion proof stainless steel;
  • Fits most standard chimney pot diameters;
  • Prevents foreign bodies from entering chimneys;
  • Easy to fit with integral toggles;
  • Reduces rain ingress;

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Smart Capping for chimney pots are designed for unused masonry chimneys. Constructed from heavy duty stainless steel, Smart Capping is resistant to corrosion and works with commonly used chimney diameters.

Features and Design

The Smart Capping design makes it easy to fasten on chimneys, and the construction means there is a small gap between the chimney liner and the cap. This feature allows flue ventilation to trickle, thereby preventing residual moisture from settling and causing problems. While there’s an existing gap, it is small enough to prevent birds, bats and other animals from getting in. Furthermore, Smart Capping minimizes rain ingress and will ensure no foreign elements infiltrate your chimney.

Smart Capping also reduces heat loss that emanate from masonry chimneys that are no longer used. Once the unit is installed, expect full protection from rain, leaves, bird nests and leaks. Aside from protecting your chimney, Smart Capping also ensures flue ventilation.

Benefits and Advantages

Due to the way the cap has been designed, you can fit it in easily, and unlike other units, it won’t suffer corrosion even if there’s consistent rain or snow or animals that keep trying to get in. Not only is Smart Capping fully functional, but it is also nicely designed and should fit in with different types of chimneys.

Because Smart Capping is built to last, it’s economical and will last a long time with little maintenance required. Complete instructions on installation are provided so no special skills are needed for the configuration. As long as you can access the pots you’ll be able to set this up with no difficulty.

Smart Capping underwent numerous tests and trials prior to being released so it’s guaranteed to work. For best results, you should clean the flue first and remove any nests or obstacles in the way.



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