Smart Cap


Smart Cap is suitable for most conventional clay chimney pots with an 8 inch (200mm) internal and 9 inch (230mm) external diameter. It is designed to prevent bird entry and to reduce rain ingress. Smart Cap is available in 4 finishes.

  • Made from Powder Coated Stainless Steel
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Incorporates 2 stainless steel worm drive locking bands
  • Fits most conventional chimney pots
  • Durable Construction and Universal Fitting
  • Prevents rain and bird entry
  • Attractive and lightweight design

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The Smart Cap is made expressly for use in chimney cowls to keep birds, squirrels and other animals from entering. Available in four unique finishes, the Smart Cap is meant for use on traditional pots 9 inches in diameter.


The Smart Cap is manufactured from high quality powder coated stainless steel, so once the unit is installed, very little maintenance is required. Its durable built also means the Smart Cap will last a long time, saving you money. Unlike other pots and caps, this is easy to install and won’t require the use of complex or expensive tools.

The Smart Cap also comes with a couple of stainless steel drive locking bands, and it also fits in with most clay chimneys today. One of the most common problems when it comes to these cowls is they’re difficult to install and second, difficult to fit. The Smart Cap is an exception thanks to its lightweight design that makes installation easy. Once in place, the pot prevents birds and other animals from coming in, and it keeps rainwater from entering as well.

Other Benefits and Advantages

The Smart Cap has multiple uses and thanks to its design and built, serves as an effective rain and animal guard. Without a chimney cap or pot, birds and other animals could get trapped in the chimney and die there, leaving an unpleasant smell behind. With the Smart Cap, you don’t have to worry about animals or rain from getting in.

At the same time, the Smart Cap allows fumes and gases to be safely removed without causing any problems. If leaks are left unattended to, this could cause problems in the attic, and if smoke ends up in your home this could lead to all sorts of health issues. With the Smart Cap however, this won’t be a cause for concern.


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