SMART BURN – Moisture Meter


A simple and effective device which enables the moisture content of firewood to be determined. 

  • Detects moisture level in wood and other combustible materials
  • Wide measuring range: 3.0% – 40.0%
  • Accurate to +1% or -1%
  • Microprosessed bar graph reading e Data HOLD button
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto power off
  • Heavy duty and robust construction
  • 9V battery operated (supplied)
  • Provided in protective carry case
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How the SmartBurn Moisture Meter Can Save You Tons of Money

Burning wood might be a very primitive task but when this activity is done inside your home, there are important safety considerations to think about. Man has been burning wood since the discovery of fire and while random practices can work outdoors, this is not necessarily advisable indoors. A wood moisture meter is a very important tool to make sure that the wood you are burning in your stove are dry enough to produce efficient and safe fire. Many people might not believe it but burning wood can be done wrong in so many ways and consequences can be costly to one’s health and home.

Why is a wood moisture meter important?

Burning unseasoned wood or wood that is not adequately dried can cause tarring on your windows. This is not only an eyesore but will devalue your house overtime. Burning wood that has high moisture content can produce inadequate heat inside the stove and in the fireplace. This inefficiency can cost you a lot of time at the same time produce higher levels of particulates which can be hazardous to your health.

Unseasoned wood can cause excessive tarring in the chimney as well increasing the risk of fire at the same time causing damage to the overall structure of the chimney. Unless you want to spend money on chimney repairs it is best to burn wood that is dry enough to produce good fire. Wood stoves can also be damaged by unseasoned wood. Unfortunately identifying unseasoned wood is not as easy as it sounds. This is when a specialized gadget like the SmartBurn moisture meter can come in handy. This removes the guess work of identifying the best firewood for you to use.

How does moisture meter work?

A pin type meter like the SmartBurn moisture meter works by measuring the electrical resistance between two electrodes. When the wood has high moisture content the electricity will likely flow better than when the wood is dry. Dry wood will resist any kind of electrical flow. The electrical resistance of the wood is in ohms when measured by the moisture meter but it converts the reading so that it displays as % moisture content.

The readings are secured by simply inserting the pins of the meter to different parts of the wood at different depths. A wood that has moisture content higher than 18% is seen to be unsuitable for burning. By simply using the meter for your firewood at the backyard or from firewood companies near you, you can be sure that each chunk of wood you use is safe and ideal to burn. The truth is you cannot take the word of firewood companies all the time. Sometimes you need to be sure and a moisture meter is the easiest way to do just that.

Why SmartBurn Moisture Meter?

There are of course many moisture meters available in the market today so why choose the ones made by SmartBurn? Well the first reason is that the SmartBurn moisture meter is very easy to use. Its approach to measuring moisture is very straightforward. You just remove the probe cap, switch it on, insert the probes as deep as possible into the wood, take note of the reading, and repeat the same process in different areas of the wood. Another reason why this brand is ideal is because of its added features. One of which is its “hold” button that lets you see the previous reading before making another one. This can make the whole process easier and faster.

The SmartBurn meter also has a wide measuring range (from 3% to 40%) and it is accurate to the +1% or -1% of the actual moisture content of the wood. The meter also has an auto power off to prevent unwanted battery drain at the same time its display has a low battery indicator. The unit operates with a 9V battery which is supplied with the unit upon purchase.

Perhaps the best part of using this protimeter quality device is that it comes with a one year guarantee. The makers of the SmartBurn meter will even replace a unit within a year of purchase. This is testament of the device’s reliability and quality.