Slaney Stove Fan + FREE Stove Thermometer!

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  • Requires no power, batteries or cords
  • TEG Module generates its own electricity
  • Operating range 65°C and 345°C
  • Blades produced from anodised aluminium

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First – Why Stove Fans Matter

The reason stove fans are important is because wood burning stoves are very, very good at heating the space in the immediate vicinity of the wood stove, but aren’t as good about heating the rest of your room.  This is a thing that everyone who has and uses a wood stove for home heating are intimately familiar with.  In a word, it’s a problem.  A problem that the stove fan remedies by moving the warm air about the room, evening out the temperature and increasing the efficiency of the wood stove.

The real magic though, is the fact that these fans don’t require any power source.  There are no batteries or power cords here.  Instead, what you find is that the heat from the stove itself also provides the power that spins the blades.  It’s a beautiful system that makes the stove fan the perfect companion to a wood burning stove, and anyone who has one would be well served by the product.


Particulars of the Slaney Fan

The first thing to know about the Slaney fan is that it is a two-blade design, with air moving power of 200 CFM  (cubic feet per minute).  This makes it ideal for small to medium-sized rooms, but this device is probably not the fan you’re looking for if you’re trying to move air around an extremely large room, or to warm multiple rooms.

Second, the fan is somewhat larger and louder than comparable models produced by other companies.  It’s not overly loud (only 25dB), but you’ll certainly hear it when it’s in use.  That’s not a deal breaker because the noise isn’t excessive, but it is something to note.

Third, while it’s not a large device by any means (it measures a mere 210mm high and 205mm wide, and weighing 650g), it is a bit larger than other fans in its class.  Size is seldom the deciding factor for people in the market for a stove fan, but again, it is totally worth a mention.

Finally, the fan has an operating temperature range that ranges between 80 and 340 degrees Celsius, with a startup time of as little as 28 seconds, and the fan comes with a one-year warranty.  Note that some other stove fans (like the Valiant line) come with a two-year warranty, but the design and engineering behind the motor and TEG module are the same as those used in many other popular stove fans, making it a safe bet.

At the time this review was written, the fan could be had for as little as fifty pounds sterling, making it well priced indeed.  You can absolutely find stove fans made by other companies that are quieter.  You can find other models that move air more efficiently, or have a larger stop/start range, but in terms of value for the money, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better fan.

The bottom line is, if you use a wood stove to attend to your home heating needs, you’re almost certain to want a stove fan to compliment the stove itself because of the gains in efficiency you’ll see.  It just simply makes your wood burning stove work better.  Given that, and given the fact that most people want to save as much money as possible and get the best overall value for any money they spend, the Slaney two-blade fan is well worth your consideration.

1 review for Slaney Stove Fan + FREE Stove Thermometer!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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    excellant fan does what it says very quite as well, the whole family has noticed a difference i.e. warmer highly recommended

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