Sirocco Plus Stove Fan

  • UNIVERSAL – Suitable for usage with all types of stoves and enclosed fireplaces.
  • UP TO 30 % MORE HEAT.
  • No need to use batteries or power cords; operates by using thermal energy.


The Sirocco Plus stove fan for built-in stoves.

There’s no doubt that stove fans, whether they are electric or Stirling powered, are a huge improvement to the distribution of heat from stoves. Heat that would otherwise gather under the ceiling. Their compact designs and simple mountings have played an important role in generating a huge demand customer.

Unfortunately, owners of inset or built-in stoves were unable to get the most from their appliance with a stove fan, as the fans were designed to sit on the flat stove top. Which is just inaccessible for the inset or built in stove.

It turned out to be very challenging for stove fan manufacturers to come up with a solution to mount the fan to the stove door. It might not seem that complicated at first glance, but the fan needs to be sleek, easy to assemble, sturdy and fit onto the majority of stoves.

Hansa – the Lithuanian based, German manufacturer of the Sirocco fans and fireplace accessories came up with a Vertical Mounting Kit (VMK) that can be easily attached to the base of their own stove fans with just a couple of screws and some brackets. Assembly should not take more than 15 minutes simply mount the VMK so the fan is facing the direction you want to circulate the air and Bob’s your uncle!

The Peltier Powered stove fans are prone to overheating, many models of stove top fans have the ingenious bi-metallic strip attached to the base that gently tilts the fan away from the stove  top when it reaches the upper temperature ranges. However, the Sirocco stove fans are heavier than their competitors, so the Hansa engineers have come up with a genuine solution that can’t be found in any other model.

The Sirocco stove fan is fitted with three screws in the base that can be used to get the fan level. If the fan is to be mounted on an inset stove door with the VMK, one of the screws will need to be removed and secured in an empty hole so that it isn’t lost.

The fan comes with a vertical mounting kit (VMK) which can be attached to the fan’s base for
mounting on an inset stove door.

As part of the VMK there are three different sized brackets to accommodate the different door sizes on the market. To protect the stove door from the fan felt strips are also provided to place on the surface in contact with the stove. These will not affect the performance of the fan.

Check you stove door width and simply select the proper bracket. Ensure it sits tight, but don’t try to tighten those two knobs as they’re not designed for that.

Secure the vertical mounting kit using the two screws provided. Don’t forget to remove the countersank screws from the base before mounting the VMT!

Now you just gently bend the bracket so it matches your stove door shape. It’s a trial and error process, your goal is to bend it in such a way that the whole of the base of the fan touches the glass on the door. Be gentle though, you don’t want to break it.

The Sirocco Plus comes in secure packaging that will ensure safe delivery; despite being one the heaviest Peltier powered stove fans at over 2kg


As the Sirocco stove fan is pretty heavy, gravity will make sure the fan stays secure, so there’s no need to secure the hook with the bracket’s knobs. Once you set the fire and the stove door heats up, the fan will soon start to work.