SFR Stove Thermometer For Wood Burning Stove

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SFR Magnetic Stove Thermometer  

This thermometer is widely used in all kinds of wood/iron stove, gas, grill, oven, stove for household or industrial usage.

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Why is there a need to use a stove thermometer?

We’ve designed the SFR Stove Thermometer not only for gauging the efficiency of your stove, but also with stove fans in mind to monitor the maximum temperature ranges.

Burning firewood should never be a reckless exercise. While it looks easy, making a decent fire takes constant attention and patience. To better monitor the fire you will need a stove thermometer. While many would argue that taking temperature readings from your stove is not that important, there is really no other way to help you burn wood better than by taking temperature readings especially when you are putting more wood or you are in the process of either raising room temperature or decreasing it.

A stove thermometer can tell you more about the fire that is going on in your stove. Is it too much or is it burning below the ideal? While these may sound inconsequential, firing up the stove too much can cause damage to the stove and waste good wood in the process. The fire must burn just right to maximize your fuel and the performance of your wood stove. Burning the stove too slow can cause the wood to smolder and cause too much smoke. This also produces more particulates while depositing too much creosote in the flue pipe risking fire and corrosive damage overtime. A stove thermometer gives timely temperature information that allows you to make the necessary adjustments to burn wood more effectively.

The logic is very simple. If you cannot bake bread without a stove thermometer then you must not be able to provide efficient heating from the stove without it too. Having a means to monitor stove temperature ensures steady fire and consistent home temperature. On top of that you are also protecting your stove from damage and unnecessary wear and tear.

Why opt for the SFR magnetic stove thermometer?

Stove fans are a great addition to improve the stove’s heating efficiency.  Unfortunately, they are prone to damage from overheating.  Be it a Peltier stove fan, or a Stirling powered machine they cannot be exposed to too high a temperature.  The Peltier module will melt down at around 350C whilst many of the elements of a Stirling engine – like the borosilicate cylinder – will also have maximum temperature limits.

The Peltier powered fans are chiefly fitted with some safety devices to protect them from overheating, but it won’t help if you have a roaring fire going on the coldest and windiest of days. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover for this type of damage.

Temperature limits marks of the SFR stove thermometer


The SFR stove thermometer has two, clear lines on the dial:

  1. The white line – This indicates 320°c, which is the maximum temperature limit for most Peltier powered stove fans.
  2. The Red line – This indicates 450°C, which is the maximum temperature limit for most Stirling powered stove fans.

Place our thermometer next to your stove fan to monitor the temperature that it’s exposed to, and remove the fan from the stove when the hand on the dial reaches the maximum temperature of your fan.

How Is the SFR stove top thermometer built?

The SFR magnetic stove thermometer is a well made thermometer that is casted from aluminum with a robust design. It has a strong magnet at the back that makes it able to stick to metal stoves and other vitreous enamel surfaces as well as in iron and steel flue pipes. It is ideal for use in ranges, BBQ, and patio heaters. It also comes with a screw to better secure it to its position. The contact point of the thermometer will give you accurate temperature readings from a range of 0-500 Celsius or 50-900 Fahrenheit. The dial of the thermometer has a 60mm diameter with a black dial background for easy temperature reading.

For more accurate temperature readings, the thermometer must be placed on top, in the front, or on the side of the stove. It can work well both in flat or curved surfaces. The magnet on the backside of the thermometer can hold fast to the surface of temperatures up to 425 Centigrade or around 800 Fahrenheit.

Not all stove thermometers are made the same. The SFR magnetic stove thermometer is well designed and made from quality materials. This also comes with a one year product warranty against defects.

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