The Phoenix Mini 4-Blade Stove Fan

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FREE Stove Thermomter

  • Virtually silent operation
  • ONLY 185mm HIGH
  • Unique design protects the Motor and Wires from accidental damage
  • Gently circulates heat throughout the room
  • Protective cover for motor and power wires
  • Maximises energy from the stove & reduces fuel consumption
  • Operating range 80-340°C
  • Attractive, durable design
  • 3 Blade colour options available
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If you use a wood burning stove to help heat your home, then you already know the single biggest limitation and problem with it.  The temperature in the immediate vicinity of the stove itself tends to be extremely hot, while the rest of the room remains rather chilly.  The problem is that the air just doesn’t circulate very well on its own, so by themselves, wood burning stoves are a mediocre home heating solution, at best.

There’s something you can do about that, however.  You can invest in a stove fan, and when you do, suddenly the game changes.  The stove fan is a small fan that attaches to your wood burning stove.  It requires no batteries or external power source to operate.  Instead, it draws all the power it needs to turn its fan blades from the heat coming off of the stove itself.

The addition of a stove fan to your wood burning stove makes the stove enormously more efficient than it is without the fan.  The fan provides a means of circulating the warm air away from the vicinity of the stove and out into the rest of the room.


There are a number of good fans on the market today, but one of the best is the Phoenix line.  Phoenix makes great, durable products, and their stove fans are well-engineered and excellently priced.  The Phoenix Mini Four-Blade is a perfect example of this, and an excellent addition to any wood burning stove.


There are two things, however, that make the Phoenix Mini stand out from among the products it finds itself in competition with.  First and foremost is its small size.  This four-blade fan stands just 185mm high!  That’s quite a feat of design and engineering, and that feature could be especially important to people who have to figure out a way to install their fan in close quarters and cramped conditions, which can often be the case.


The second thing that really sets the whole Phoenix line (including the Phoenix 4-Blade Mini) apart from its competition is the fact that almost every other stove fan on the market is designed in such a way that the fan’s motor, and the wires leading to it are open.  They’re completely exposed.


Unfortunately, this means that most stove fans are prone to accidental damage.  With nothing to protect the motor or wires, it’s easy to imagine a variety of scenarios in which those things can become damaged, making the fan nonfunctional.


Phoenix is different, though.  All of their stove fans feature a protective cover that shields the motor and power wires from accidental damage.  What this accomplishes is that it gives you a stove fan that’s more rugged and durable than you might expect.  While the company offers and stands behind its two year warranty, the presence of this protective cover makes it all but a certainty that the fan will outlast the warranty, and that’s a very good thing.   The last thing you want to do is invest in a stove fan to increase the efficiency of your wood burning stove, only to have it stop working after a few short months.  Should that happen, the issue is almost certain to be with the motor or the wires leading to it.  Since Phoenix takes pains to protect those, damage is simply much less likely to occur.


All things considered then, the Phoenix 4-Blade mini is an excellent fan, capable of circulating air through a large sized room, despite its diminutive size.  A truly superb product.

Blade Colour

Black, Gold, Nickel

3 reviews for The Phoenix Mini 4-Blade Stove Fan

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Great fan that spreads the heat from our stove more evenly throughout the room. We have aimed the fan at the door into the next room, and there is a noticeable difference in how warm it is in there as well. The fan is small enough to fit comfortably on our small log burner.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Hi I just purchased a Phoenix Mini stove fan and it is brilliant. My woodburning stove has been installed in an alcove and a large percentage of its output never gets to the room. The Phoenix Mini is the only one which will fit in the 20cm gap between the stove top and the chimney plate and it is working amazingly well – better than I had hoped and silently. A truly invisible in-audible vast improvement to our background temperature -and a noticeable reduction in the frequency of boiler ‘cut ins’ on the oil fired central heating system too. Thank you STOVEFAN! Chris Field

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    We recently purchased the Phoenix mini 4blade stove fan – which came as a bundle with the flue thermometer. I did quite a lot of research before settling on the phoenix, although was led like many it seems simply to a model that would fit atop the stove (20cm gap available only).  But I went for a 4blade version due to the shape of the room and the positioning of the stove – I need to spread the warmth left and right as well as in front. 

    I just love this bit of kit. It is virtually silent in operation and the convective effect of the heat causing the fan blades to turn is, to my mind, beautiful. This is a superb bit of engineering packaged into a little item. I'd keep it even if it did no more that turn….

    But it has made a difference to the efficiency of our stove. A gentle breeze of warm air can be felt up to 2-3 feet in front of the blades – which may not sound a lot but give it a few minutes and that quickly starts to permeate the room as a whole. My wife was a little sceptical I think but from the very first time we used the fan she noticed a significant difference and would not be without it now.

    Also, although delivery info is scant on the website, ours was delivered within 3 days.

    Highly recommended.  

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