The Phoenix 2195 2-Blade Stove Fan

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  • Virtually silent operation
  • Unique design protects the Motor and Wires from damage
  • Gently circulates heat throughout the room
  • Protective cover for motor and power wires
  • Maximises energy from the stove & reduces fuel consumption
  • Operating range 80-340°C
  • Attractive, durable design
  • 3 Blade colour options available
  • 2 YEAR guarantee
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The Phoenix 2-Blade stove fan is the smallest, but not the shortest stove fan the company designs.  The distinction of shortest goes to the Phoenix 4-Blade Mini, reviewed elsewhere on this site.  Even so, this fan isn’t much taller than the 4-Blade Mini, but don’t let its small size fool you, this is quite a capable little unit!

If you have a wood burning stove, then you already know why you need a stove fan.  You’ve got to have some means of moving all that warm air away from the immediate vicinity of your wood burning stove, and out into the rest of the room.  Once you do that, the whole room becomes comfortable, rather than being a room of extreme temperatures, with extremely high temperatures in the immediate vicinity of the stove itself, and significantly cooler temperatures throughout the rest of the room.

In general, the more blades a fan has, the more warm air it can circulate, more quickly. So right up front, that tells you what segment of the market the Phoenix 2-Blade is targeting.  If you have a modestly sized or small room to heat, then buying a 4-Blade fan would be a waste of money, because it’s simply more fan than you actually need for a smaller-sized room.  Thus, the Phoenix 2-Blade is the perfect way to round out the Phoenix line, offering a heating efficiency solution to every segment of the market.

Features you will like about the Phoenix 2-Blade

In addition to its attractive price, there are two other features you’ll quite like about the Phoenix 2-Blade.  First, if you’re aesthetically minded, you’ll appreciate that you Phoenix 2 Blade - wires covercan order the Phoenix 2-Blade (or any fan in the Phoenix line up, for that matter) with three different fan blade colors.  A small detail, but it will be important to some.

The second feature you’ll appreciate is the fact that Phoenix stands alone in the stove fan market when it comes to protecting the fan motor and the wires leading to it.  Most fan makers don’t worry about this at all, but the problem with that is this:  If your stove fan should break or experience any issues, it is overwhelmingly likely that the motor or its wires will be the immediate cause.  After all, since the motor and wires are left exposed, it’s more likely that they’ll be subjected to accidental damage.

Phoenix solves this issue by providing a protective housing for the motor and its wires, thanks to its clever, innovative design.  That protection makes it less likely that those components will be damaged in some way, which makes it all but a given that any Phoenix product you purchase will outlive its two-year warranty.

What is so special about this fan?

There are a number of great stove fans on the market today.  They come in all sizes to serve all segments of the market.  Few of them, however, can match the Phoenix for sheer durability, and this is mostly owing to the innovative design that strives to protect the motor and related wiring.

Don’t suffer through another cold winter night huddled over your wood burning stove.  Take the stove’s efficiency to the next level by investing in a stove fan, and when you do, invest in one of the most rugged and durable stove fans on the market today.  If you have a smallish room to help heat, the Phoenix 2-Blade is the perfect fan for you.

Blade Colour

Black, Gold, Nickel


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