My Stove Fan – a Great Way to Start


  • Circulates heat from the stove around the room
  • Powered using heat from the stove
  • No running costs
  • No power supply needed
  • Free eBook by Will Rolls “The Log Book”


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We have been in the stove fan market for five years now and we have witnessed huge changes to the design, form and aesthetics of the stove fans being introduced and in the revision of their designs. Inevitably the market has been flooded by cheap non-branded copies of the high quality brands which continuously disappoint and underperform.

Stove fans are pretty new to the British consumer, and many are dubious of the effectiveness that placing a fan on the stove will have on circulating heat around the room from their wood stove and even saving some fuel. Some people remain to be persuaded to invest in a stove fan and see the benefits themselves. ‘MyStoveFan’ is an excellent starter fan, especially if you are one of those that remain to be convinced!

Power vs Noise, is there a compromise?

We are very pleased to introduce MyStoveFan stove fan and have subjected it to the usual testing all our fans go through. It has massive blades and produces a good volume of airflow. We could feel a gentle breeze standing about 6ft away (about 1.8m). The blades do emit a quiet hum, but it is by no means intrusive. You can hear it when you are stood right by the fan, but it doesn’t disturb a conversation, the radio or the TV.

MyStoveFan’s design.

MyStoveFan wood burning fan resembles some of the first fans to market from the big brands such as Caframo or Valiant nearly a decade ago. These companies have since brought out new models and with that tweaked their designs to be more sophisticated. However, that doesn’t change the fact that their original fans did a brilliant job, and achieved what they set out to do, which is to make the stove more efficient and effective.

How to protect MyStoveFan stove fan from overheating

MyStoveFan stove fan's bi-metallic stripAs with many other modern designs, the MyStoveFan stove fan is fitted with a bi-metallic strip that bends, and in turn, tilts the fan to protect its motor and Peltier module from its main danger – overheating. If the components within the fan reach above 320° Centigrade they will become quite seriously damaged. Therefore we suggest you use our SFR stove thermometer if you expect your stove to generate heat well over 320° centigrade. The SFR stove thermometer can be placed next to your fan or on the flue pipe as it comes with a screw and wire to secure mounting. You can see at a glance the fan is safe as the thermometer is marked with a clearly visible white line at 320° centigrade so you know when to remove the fan from the stove top.


SFR Stove thermometer comes with a screw and a wire

Affordability and Quality Guarantee

The MyStoveFan stove fan costs slightly more than £40 and, in order to rule out any doubts about its quality, we are covering it by a 2 year warranty.

The MyStoveFan Stove Fan comes with the best-selling eBook by Will Rolls
” The Log Book – Getting the Best From your Woodburing Stove”


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