Ecofan UltrAir Model 810

The minimum temperature that this fan can be used at is 212F (100C), with the maximum being 650F (345C). It provides an efficient way of moving air around your living space at a rate of 125 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The UltrAir can make a real difference to your energy bills as it can be used to create electricity and less fuel will be needed. A choice of blade colors is available, with the options being nickel, black or gold. The fan comes with a two year warranty.


What does the Ecofan UltrAir do?

It circulates heat which would normally rise to the ceiling,heat you have already paid to produce so effectively uses the heat twice.Similar to using a fan oven as opposed to a normal one.using a fan to circulate the heat evenly and cutting usage of heat by reusing it.


How do you install it?

Just unpack it check the best place to stand it,i.e not in front of chimney,open space at back so it can pull cooler air across stove top and off it goes.


What power requirements does it have?

It has an integral thermoelectric generator which produces it’s own power. For the non technical it has a gizmo which turns heat into electric power to turn the fan. It will only work when their is enough heat so it only blows hot air around,or conversely if the stove has not reached temperature it will not aggravate the problem by blowing cold air around your room.

Ecofan 810

Will it work in any room and situation?

Short answer is NO but there are only 3 criteria to meet.

1) Clearance above stove top needs to be 9 (nine) inches to accept the 8 3/4 (Eight and three quarter inch) high fan.

2) Base needs a clear space Not IN Front Of Flue of 4 3/4 (Four and three quarter inches) by 3 (three inches)

3) Will only work when stove is at the temperature range of 212°F – 650°F (100°C – 345°C) – more than that it cuts out,less than that it doesn’t start.


Is it only suitable for conventional room heating?

It works in any area which has heat which needs distributing. An overheated kitchen would benefit by distributing the radiant heat away from the solid fuel cooker and circulating it to other areas of the area.
Steel hulled boats are an obvious situation as the hull of the boat,being in water, will automatically be cold so the fan can draw the cooler air across the stove top and direct it away from the heat source into other cooler areas

Large conservatories will inevitably have the wood burner either at the end or in the middle and if the conservatory is a full width room it is and ideal area to have the radiant heat blown to the less heated areas from the adaptability of the EcoFan.
By core drilling a hole in the wall at a height above the stove top and directing the fan through the drilled hole the hot air can be directed into another enclosed area heating two rooms from the one heat source.Of course if you have room on the top of the heater and the rooms are large enough you could use two fans and circulate the air in two areas

Ceilings high and low are no challenge to this stove top circulating fan.With low headroom the fan keeps the hotter air moving creating a comfortable environment,in a high ceiling room the rising hot air is directed back around the room creating an more even distribution of heated air. These are just a few examples and there are many other situations when this fan improves the heat distribution.

How much air does it actually move?

Tests have shown that when operating at the suggested temperatures the 810 UltrAir will move 125 CFM of air in normal operation.


Do I have a choice of colors?

Yes it comes in Black,Nickel and Gold


How much noise does the fan produce?

None it is completely silent.The only noise is the very slight whisper of the air movement. How far is the heat moved and with what temperature drop? Many reviews state that that with a stove temperature of 23C at twenty feet away the registered temperature was 21C a drop of 2 degrees


How long is it guaranteed for?

It has a Two year warranty if purchased from the manufacturers or their Official agents.This obviously only covers defects and not damage by dropping or mishandling.


Is it cost efficient?

Independent studies have shown that savings of 14% in fuel usage are easily achieved and quite normal.


Do I have to store it away from the stove in summer?

No, there is no need to move it or store it away in another place

Obviously the motor will wear out due to age. Do I then have to buy a new fan?

No. Replacement motors are available from the manufacturers and their agents and are easily fitted


Do I need to fit an on/off switch to control the fan?

Definitely Not.

The temperature sensors in the motor are all the on/off requirements needed


Are there any safety aspects I should be aware of?

Apart from the obvious that it is on a very hot top so will be hot there is no other safety aspect. That is a fairly comprehensive list of queries and their answers but if there is something you are not sure off please contact us.

It shows all the features and benefits of the Caframo Ecofan 810 UltrAir stove fan and many of the answers are from actual owners and users from all over the world.

I think we can safely say it solves most wood stove fan heating problems.


Ecofan 810 better known as UltrAir is very popular around the world.

Additional information


Color Black, Gold, Nickel
Airflow 125 CFM
Power Supply Thermoelectric Module
Operating Range 212°F to 650°F (100°C to 345°C)
Product Dimensions 3"(l) x 5.5"(w) x 9"(h) in
Single Package Dimensions 5.6"(l) x 8.7"(w) x 10.9"(h) in
Product Weight 2.5 lbs
Master Carton Quantity 4
Master Carton Dimensions 18.3"(l) x 11.5"(w) x 11.5"(h) in
Retail Package Full Colour Box
Warranty 2 Years