Ecofan Airmax Model 812

For the widest range of operating temperatures, the Ecofan AirMax Model 812 is the best choice of fan, as it can be used a freestanding wood stoves at temperatures ranging between 185F to 650F (85C to 345C). It also has an impressive CFM (cubic feet per minute) rate of 175, which is one of the highest in the Ecofan range. For peace of mind, a two year warranty is provided. The fan will make a great gift as the assembly has already been done for you.


Whenever the discussion starts as to which is the best it makes sense to check out that the product recommended is the one for a certain situation, and for this reason using feedback from actual users as well as technical specification from the manufacture the facts will show that this fan is definitely the best for larger areas.

At a height of ten inches and with a footprint of 3.3″ x 5.5″ it packs an awesome movement of 175 C F M of air which should be more than enough for the largest area.

The integral thermo electric unit which converts heat to electricity not only means that the running costs are Nil but also the fan only works when the stove top is between 85 degrees to 345 degrees Centigrade.Ecofan 812

It works straight from the box and it’s silent running motor can make proven fuel savings in the region of 18%.

The cost effectiveness and cost free running are just some of the advantages but the real benefits are twofold. By moving the hot air from the front of the stove it makes the environment directly in front of the stove more agreeable and can move air in a constant stream up to twenty foot away.

So a cost effective, silent means of convicting heat around the building be it house, barn or workshop.

Some of the actual users comments which I found helpful are shown below in question and answer format for your information.


When the fan finally wears out do I have to buy a complete unit?

You can replace the fan blades easily and in the event of the TE-Thermo Electric unit wearing out due to brush wear or overheating there is a replacement module available which can be easily fitted at home with the instructions supplied and a minimum of normally available hand tools.


The fan appears to work at different speeds, is this correct?


The speed of the fan blade rotation is in direct relationship to the electricity produced, free of charge, by the unit.

This is directly linked to the temperature of the stove top. Obviously with the stove at full temperature it needs more direct action from the fan at full speed, but as the wood stove cools down less air movement is required so the fan slows down


The flow of air does not seem so great and if I stand in front it doesn’t seem to move with any great velocity.

The stove top fan is not going to create the same type of air flow as a plug in fan but it doesn’t have to. A plug in fan will use 600 watts of power and cost you for electricity and needs a socket to plug in to with a cable near a 500 degrees metal stove top. Not the best situation. It will also produce a noise which may well interfere with people listening to TV or Radio.

The Ecofan AirMax Model 812 produces it’s own electricity and has a maximum draw down of 1 [one] watt so 1/600 so it obviously will not produce a great torrent of air but if you think about the slow stream which slowly raises the temperature of the surrounding areas rather than blast heating them. You can however detect a significant rise in temperature at a distance of 20 feet.

Will this fan save fuel and spread heat evenly?


The fan works in three positive ways. The rate of fan movement is related to the stove temperature but an added advantage is that when you are retiring to another room or to bed, it still transfers heat until the stove is finally below operating temperature but whilst you are in the room the slowing down of fan rotation shows when the stove needs re-stoking. The 175 CFM fan move a volume of warm air equivalent to a six foot cube every one and a quarter minutes. That equates to the volume of your six foot dining table area three or four times a minute. That’s an awful lot of hot air.

Is Ecofan Airmax maintenance free?

Nearly. You don’t have to move it when the stove is not in use, in fact it is probably best to leave it in place.

Obviously the stove will produce/attract some dust so a quick wipe over cant hurt. Also a very light vacuum over the fan motor just to remove any dust or debris which may block the vents. It is also possible that the fan blade may very occasionally need a very small amount of oil.

After examining the technical specification and looking at the many positive comments and superbly helpful advice I think we can safely say the The Carframo Ecofan AirMax Model 812 is the best stove top fan for large spaces.