Ecofan 806 BelAir

The Ecofan BelAir Model 806 can be used on stoves that run on gas or pellets, and it will operate within a temperature range of 167F to 392F (75C to 200C). It is very effective at increasing the efficiency of an existing stove, and you will soon be noticing that you are not using as much fuel as before. It has a very quiet operation and you should find that the noise that is produced is barely even noticeable. Comes complete with a two year warranty.


EcoFan 806

How does the Ecofan BelAir Model 806 differ from the other stove top fans manufactured by Caframo? 

As the Caframo Ecofan range has developed, the one gap in their range was the lower heat range stove tops available using different fuels from wood burners.

So, as a progressive manufacturer their research and development team went to work and produced a new member to the range designed specifically to work at lower stove temperatures starting at a stove top temperature of 75C.

The final model they developed is an engineering breakthrough called the new Ecofan GS, which operates at temperatures far reduced to those of any of the original wood stove Ecofans.


What other fuelled stove types is it suitable to be used on?

The GS model accommodates both propane and natural gas stoves as well as diesel fuelled and wood pellet stoves, so it exhibits a much more versatile nature than those above, except that it cannot handle wood stoves.

In this sense, it specializes where other Ecofans lack in capability.

Why can’t it be used on wood burners?

If you use of the EcofanGS on a wood stove with surface temperatures exceeding 300°F (150°C)  it may damage the unit and result in a void of the warranty


What quantity of air does the fan handle at optimum conditions?

It is designed to circulate 140 CFM of heated air which will contribute to a warmer room overall as well as a reduction in the fuel used.


What area of the stove top does it take up?

The fan has a base dimension of 2.5″ x 6,4″ and an overall height of 6″ so is suitable for use in most situations.

The placement of the fan is critical.It needs to be either side of the flue and in a position where it directs the moved air in the required direction and also far enough forward so that it creates a current of air across the stove surface.

Does it need a separate power source?

Because the fan is driven by a Thermo Electric Generator it is essentially silent in operation and as the power is self generated it is also cost free.The TEG converts heat to electricity for cost free running. As well as totally quiet working it also is cord free.


What are the different locations this fan is particularly useful in?

As the model 806 is designed to work at a lower temperature range than the rest of the models it is useful in situations that a more robust wood stove fan could not be as used.

Obviously the fan will wear out.Is that the end of the fans useful life?

No.The other upside of this range of fans is the replacement costs of motors is very reasonable and can easily be carried out with a little knowledge and tools which you would find in any DIY toolkit.


The benefits of the Ecofan BelAir Model 806 are many,no installations it is ready to use straight from the box.

  • Cost free silent running.
  • Moves the equivalent of a five foot cube of air every minute,that is a lot of warm air being circulated in the area you are using the fan
  • Robust and maintenance free and virtually fool proof usage.

Note: use of the EcofanGS on a wood stove with surface temperatures exceeding 300°F (150°C) may damage the unit and result in a void of the warranty.

The Ecofan 806 BelAir is available only in the US and Canada.


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