Ecofan 800 Original

For the widest range of operating temperatures, the Ecofan AirMax Model 812 is the best choice of fan, as it can be used a freestanding wood stoves at temperatures ranging between 185F to 650F (85C to 345C). It also has an impressive CFM (cubic feet per minute) rate of 175, which is one of the highest in the Ecofan range. For peace of mind, a two year warranty is provided. The fan will make a great gift as the assembly has already been done for you.



How Purchasing the Ecofan Original Model 800 Can Keep You Warmer and Save Money?

If you have a wood burning or solid fuel stove and want to increase the fuel efficency immediately by up to 18% and don’t want to increase your runing costs would you need a magician to gain better efficency,lower fuel and running costs.Well we all know magic is only sleight of hand but lower costs are aavailable for the small outlay of under a hundred dollars.

Did I hear thats not possible,well it is.

EcoFan 800The secret, if there is one, is to use the heat you have already paid for to power the distribution of the already warmed air all around your living area.

If we assume that a ton of logs is about 70 dollars and the fan cost is about one hundred dollars then if you could reduce the usage of logs over say five years,although you would expect the fan to last longer.So if you use use a quarter of a ton of logs less each year the fan pays for itself.Thats less than a bucket a week .It all sounds very feasible doesn’t it.
But what about the running costs I hear you ask?

Basically there aren’t any on costs.The fan is used straight from the box and once placed in the correct position ,as shown in the instructions,it starts working once the stove is up to temperature.It is an intriguing concept isn’t it so let’s investigate the unit we are talking about.

The unit is the Ecofan 800 produced by Caframo.It has a thermoelectric unit in the base which is basically a motor changing heat to electricity to drive the fan.

Once the stove top reaches a temperature 110 degrees Centigrade [230F] the TE unit starts to produce electricity.

The fan has a base of three inches by five and a half inch and the fan is eight and a half inches tall.Below this metal base is a spring which is heat sensitive. Once the fan starts this spring reacts and and ensures the fan is tilted back about two mm.which prevents any damage by overheating.Ecofan 800 replacement kit

If the stove top reaches over the safe tilt in excess of maximum temperature of 345degrees C [650F] the fan will tilt back in excess of 5 mm and if this happens you should carefully remove the fan,using the handles [and gloves] to prevent damage until the temperature reduces and you can then replace the fan on the stove top.

Normally the stove top will be under the maximum temperature and is obviously more efficient to keep within the safety range as this will increase the efficiency and reduce costs.

To get the most from your stove top fan positioning is the most important factor and you need to remember the fan needs three criteria:-

The fan needs to be at least 150mm[6 inches] from the back wall to ensure a sufficient quantity of cool air can be drawn over the cooling fans. It is not sensible to out it in front of the stove flue, place it along the edge facing in the direction you want the air to be channeled.

The stove top needs to reach 110C [230F] before it starts. If once running the stove top temperature falls below this figure the fan will cease to rotate, a natural on/off switch.

Obviously the path of the circulated air needs to have an unhindered path, don’t put a bookcase or any other large object directly in the path of the circulated air.

                This fan will move 100CFM. So what’s that?

Imagine a box five foot wide by five foot deep which is four foot tall, picture it in your mind. That is the amount of air your fan will move every minute it is working. Obviously at this rate you will not experience a warm draft or even be greatly aware of any air movement but slowly the warmer air will replace the colder and a feeling of warmth will pervade.
Some of the many reasons to buy the Ecofan 800 produced by Caframo.