The Stirling Engine was conceived in the early 1800s to be a competitor for the then up and coming steam engine. Although it compares favorably to those mighty engines that drove the industrial revolution, and are, in fact, more efficient than steam engines, they were never able to supplant steam as the prime engine of growth during the 1800’s and 1900s.

Warpfive stove fan specifications comparison table

Over time, this wonderful and often overlooked technology has been used in some applications, but few companies have incorporated them into consumer products. Warpfive, makers of a line of excellent stove fans, is one company. Based in England, where the fans are engineered and built, the company makes some of the finest equipment in the industry. All their fans are 100% mechanical, with no electric components, which means there’s no risk that they’ll stop working due to overheating, and their excellent design ensures that they’ll last much longer than the offered three-year warranty. Below, we’ll take a look at three of their products, giving you complete details, in order to help you make an informed purchasing decision, and find the perfect stove fan for your home.

Not sure you need one? If you use a wood-burning, or multi-fuel stove for home heating, and especially if you live off the grid, then you want to make your home heating system as efficient and effective as possible. As great as they are, they come with one rather serious drawback. The area in the immediate vicinity of the stove is too hot, and the rest of the room is significantly cooler. This uneven heating makes your home less than comfortable. Stove fans solve the problem by gently and quietly moving the warm air from around the stove, throughout the rest of your living space.
A top quality stove fan will help ensure that. If you’re already using a stove fan to heat your home, you already know the reason why.

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