How Do Stove Fans Work?

Do Stove Fan Work?

What do other people think? Do stove fans work? By now everyone who has a wood or multi fuel burning stove has heard of stove fans.  You know, the handy fan that sits on your stove top, or attaches to the flue pipe, or even to the stove door and promises to distribute the hot […]

Which stove fan do I need?

The Lowdown on Stove Fans Now you have your wood burning stove installed and have had it running for a few weeks, you may have noticed that there are cold spots in your room.  Through your research you may have heard about stove fans.  Maybe you know someone who has recommended using a stove fan […]

Seeing the Wood for the Trees

Stack of firewood

You’ve just got yourself a brand-new wood burning stove, but now you’re in an alien world of wood- speak: wood types, terminology and rules about what to burn, when to burn it and what’s best to burn. Turns out wood isn’t just wood! Worry not, we are here to help you navigate through these unchartered […]

How do the two Valiant Ventum stove fans compare?

What is the difference between the Valiant Ventum 3 and its smaller brother the Ventum 2? Well, basically, it’s simply smaller, i.e. the difference can be easily spotted from first glance at the box. The bigger fan’s box dimensions are just 5% larger. Both fans are secured by an outer, and then an inner box, […]

If You Throw Away Your Wood Ash, You May Regret It For Life

Recycled Wood Ash There’s nothing quite like the warmth coming from firewood – with the flames crackling and the heat radiating everywhere in the room. If you have a fireplace or a wood stove at home, then you’ve also dealt with wood ash. Yes, there’s nothing quite like the warmth that the fire from real […]

Four SmartFan Stove Fan Models – Which Do I Need?

All dimensions of the Smartfan and the SmartFan Mini compared.

How do the four SmartFan stove fan models vary? The Dublin based company IQ Design specialises in inventing, designing and introducing plenty of fireplace accessories that are truly awesome in many aspects.  Take their stove fan, its design and idea is so different and spectacularly unique; it cannot be mistaken for any other model.  Their revolutionary […]

A Wood Moisture Meter – Your Guide To Buying The Right One

Anybody who works with wood on any level, or for any purpose understands the importance that moisture can play where wood is concerned.  Thus, the need for a high quality moisture meter.  If you’re in the market for one (and if you work with wood, either for wood crafting projects, or say, if you use […]

Can a Chimney Balloon Help to Reduce the Heat Loss?

When your fireplace isn’t lit, cold air falls and warm air goes up. As a result, a cold draught will enter your home. This can be a problem, but by installing an inflatable chimney balloon you can overcome this. Not only will your room be warmer but you don’t have to pay a lot of […]

Wood or Pellet Stove?

Wood or Pellet Stove: All the Answers You Need To Make the Right Decision There are an increasing number of inquiries about pellet stoves and wood burning stoves. The truth is, at the end of the day, your unique situation, location, and preferences will be the deciding factors and not what other people tell you […]

Chimney Cowls – The Definitive Guide To Buying The Right One

Chimney cowls provide a lot of benefits and when installed, prevent leaks and also deter animals from getting in. Also called caps or pots, they make for a practical addition to your home, which is why their use is becoming more widespread. If you’re not familiar with these, just read on. What are Caps and […]