How It All Began

           Shortly following the Second World War, a German manufacturer named Hans Heidoplph sought to expand his business to North America. He received an unexpected invitation from the Wiarton Town Council by way of Germany’s Chamber of Commerce, and, upon reading the letter, decided to travel to Canada to view the prospects. In 1954, Heidolph chose to establish his manufacturing company in Wiarton. The location was ideal and had the right feel.

           The next step was to build a factory. This would take time and cost money. Unable to locate anything that offered anything in the way of creating a secure foundation, he instead opted to purchase an already existing light industry building. The Colonial Portland Cement factory on the Georgian Bay waterfront in Ontario satisfied such a need. The concrete structure had stood unused for years, but it remained solid in its construction.

           Canadian Fraction Motors, or ‘Caframo,’ opened its doors in 1955 with the production and distribution of heaters, fans and laboratory stirrers, all allusive to the business name. To help run the business were Hans Jr., who became company president in 1964, and his brother-in-law Rudolph Zinsser. Tony Solecki came in as General Manager in 1994 and purchased the company in 1996, making him the present owner.

Caframo TodayCaframo Headquarter

           Caframo is now a privately owned manufacturer having a simple structure consisting of two primary divisions: “consumers” and “laboratory” Among the variety of products offered are heaters and fans for enhancing consumer comfort, and laboratory stirrers, mixing impellers and items that accommodate a wide array of scientific applications, such as inks, adhesives, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
Both of these divisions operate according to various processes, including customer feedback, market research and analysis, product design, manufacturing and assembly; packaging and shipping; and quality/functional testing. Production occurs both locally and abroad, and adheres to North American, international and global standards.

The EcoFan and Care for the Environment

           The Ecofans for wood stoves consist of various home and office fans, the True North AC Heater, and industry recognized 12 and 24V marine fans. These fans facilitate production and performance that are environmentally friendly. The shipping and delivery of all Caframo products are Styrofoam-free. This practice is both ergonomic and cost-effective.

           The company recycles as a means of maintaining its identity and operation, and so it recognizes the importance of adhering to environmental standards, such as the European WEEE and RoHS directives The Ecofan is an innovative energy solution that is sure to influence new technology in the future. As a forerunner, it holds a significant place in both business and the home.

In Conclusion . . .

            According to consensus, Caframo is a leading source in the industry for quality heaters and fans. The proof is in the customer reviews.